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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”. Charles Darwin

apcore is an international management consulting firm that delivers projects all over Europe. Our broad and diverse network of partners and experts offers our customers from numerous industries added value.

The firm is managed by Alexander Paruschke, founding member and managing partner of the organization.

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Friendly, change orientated and globally focused perseverant international consultant with more than 15 years of professional experience, leading strategic consulting projects and interim mandates in several sectors

Excellent knowledge and expertise of leading multicultural groups in international markets

Trainer activity delivering sales and communication seminars

Key Performance Areas: Change Management, Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Internationalization and Human Communication Skills

Cross-industry expertise within commercial companies, in branches such as: Insurance, Real Estate, Financial Services, Manufacturing Industry, Services and Healthcare

Council for several Board of Directors and Advisory Boards

Fluent in German, Spanish, Italian and English, and basic skills in French

Keynote speaker at conferences and events on topics of digital transformation, adaptation of working models, digital thinking, operationalization of innovation activities and adaptation of corporate culture

More information about Alexander Paruschke: aparuschke.com

about us


Roman Falkon

Senior Consultant

Björn Bold

Senior Consultant

María Luisa Pietri

Senior Consultant

María Gutiérrez Fernández



apcore is an international reference for friendly, personalized, visionary and innovative advisory solutions. We help companies on their journey of improving their business models and add value by guiding their organizations throughout times of constant transformation and change.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our principal recommendation to provide our services to new organizations and at the same time our main personal fulfillment.

We teach and transmit our expertise and experience transparently through conferences and workshops on an international scale.


We create new business and transformation models, introduce innovative and new ways of thinking, help leaders, employees and organizations by teaching different ways of doing things and contribute to its developments.

With humble, respect, resilience and positive energy, we seek to be an equal sparring partner for our clients, in order to jointly contribute to improving their endeavors, organizations, structures and personal behavior.


We explicitly live our values while providing our services to clients, and build-up personal related network of partners and clients which share and appreciate these core values.

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